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The lawyers of Estes & Kennedy Law Offices, P.L.L.C. combine a diverse set of backgrounds and career experiences to form a team that is able to address any estate planning, probate, real estate, business and agriculture law matters.

A Tradition Of Excellence

The firm was founded by attorney Jerry N. Estes, who has over 38 years of legal experience serving McMinn County and East Tennessee. He has also served as a criminal justice adviser to several of Tennessee's U.S. senators and is a sought-after speaker throughout the U.S. for his views on the law and his unique career experiences. In June of 2015, attorney Jerry Estes became "Of Counsel" for Estes & Kennedy Law Offices when he was appointed Executive Director of the Tennessee District Attorneys Conference in Franklin, Tennessee. As a result, Jerry's practice will be limited to serving as a Rule 31 Civil Mediator.

McMinn County natives William H. Estes and Sarah E. Kennedy share Jerry's passion for helping East Tennessee residents resolve their most complex legal issues. Attorneys Estes and Kennedy are proud to carry on the tradition of excellence started by Jerry Estes those many years ago.

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