A Tradition Of Mediation Services

"Mediation" is an informal process in which a neutral person conducts discussions among disputing parties designed to enable them to reach a mutually acceptable agreement among themselves on all or any part of the issues in dispute. Parties often find mediation more cost effective than litigation in settling disputes, and a mediated settlement must be agreed upon by the parties. Because it is an informal dispute resolution process, parties sometimes find it less stressful than a courtroom.

Mediation may occur either before or after a lawsuit is filed. Sometimes a judge will order the parties to attempt mediation before the court will set the case for trial or the parties may agree to mediate their case.

A "Rule 31 Mediator" is any person listed by the Alternate Dispute Resolution Commission, and is only "listed" after meeting certain requirements established by the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Jerry Estes is a Rule 31 Listed General Civil Mediator. He brings to mediation a set of skills and experience acquired from over 38 years as a practicing attorney, 24 of which were as an elected District Attorney General.

To learn more about Rule 31 mediation, visit the Tennessee Supreme Court at tncourts.gov/rules/supreme-court/31.

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