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Don’t Leave Your Future Up To Chance

One of the biggest mistakes that most adults make even though they do not know it, is failing to create an estate plan, which will leave most questions unanswered about what one wants to see happen to his or her estate.

The lawyers of Estes & Kennedy Law Offices, P.L.L.C., help clients create comprehensive estate plans that address every detail and are tailored to each client’s life. Countless individuals and families throughout McMinn County and Monroe County in East Tennessee who work with Estes & Kennedy Law Offices, P.L.L.C., get the peace of mind they deserve by having an estate plan that addresses their unique needs and makes their wishes known.

Why Wills And Trusts Are Important

At Estes & Kennedy Law Offices, P.L.L.C., our wills and trusts lawyers understand how stressful the estate planning process can be for many people, which is why they take the time to fully explain what wills, trusts, powers of attorney designations and advance health care directives do and their potential benefits.

Instead of just making decisions for clients, the lawyers of Estes & Kennedy Law Offices, P.L.L.C., strive to help clients understand why they need to plan for the future. They help clients answer questions such as:

  • Who do you want to take care of your children?
  • Who do you want to leave your business or home to?
  • How do you prevent your beneficiaries from being hit with a large estate tax burden?
  • Who do you want to make your health care decisions when you are not able to do so?

Creating an estate plan will allow the individual — and not a probate judge — to decide what he or she wants to happen to his or her most valued assets.

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