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A Trusted Firm For Legal Representation And Title Work

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Comprehensive Real Estate Legal Services And Title Work

At Estes & Kennedy Law Offices, P.L.L.C., our attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals, families and businesses with their real estate law matters. We are also a trusted firm for providing neutral, third-party title closing services.

We offer comprehensive real estate services, handling transactions, disputes, closings and title issues for clients in McMinn and Monroe counties and throughout surrounding areas.

Trusted Attorneys Providing Full-Service Real Estate Law Services

With more than 30 years of combined experience, a deep knowledge of real estate law and a vast network of resources comparable to many of East Tennessee’s largest firms, clients put their trust in the lawyers and staff of Estes & Kennedy Law Offices, P.L.L.C., time and again for assistance with:

  • Boundary line disputes
  • Land use and zoning
  • Residential and commercial real estate purchases and sales
  • Neutral, third-party title closing services
  • Title searches
  • Title insurance issues
  • Real estate litigation
  • Land development
  • Homeowners association disputes
  • Construction litigation
  • 1031 Exchanges

Closing On Home Purchases

We help our clients understand the closing process and guide them through all aspects of it. Failure to properly conduct a home closing can result in significant expense and liability. By working with an experienced home closing attorney, you can protect your interests.

Resolving Title Issues

As a full-service real estate law firm, we handle all aspects of title research and title insurance issues. Without properly addressing title issues, home buyers can find themselves contending with hidden liens and other unexpected problems. You can protect your own interests in real property by enlisting the services of an attorney who has experience handling complex title issues.

Getting Developments Off The Ground

Many of the issues listed above can be quite complex, and one of the biggest mistakes that many people make is attempting to get through a real estate transaction or dispute without the help of an experienced lawyer who knows the law and how to solve problems that may arise.

The lawyers, paralegals and closing agents of Estes & Kennedy Law Offices, P.L.L.C., pride themselves on being able to help their clients resolve these issues as quickly and with as little stress as possible. They have worked in McMinn County and Monroe County for years, building strong relationships and earning the respect of area judges, banks and other real estate attorneys.

Schedule A Consultation With Experienced Advisers

For any type of real estate transaction or dispute, call Estes & Kennedy Law Offices, P.L.L.C., at 423-507-1157 or 866-490-1157 to schedule a consultation. If you need an experienced real estate law lawyer in McMinn county, look no further. You may also contact the firm through email.